31 Pages in 31 Days: hashtag quarantine life

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We are a teacher's family, so not much else but coronavirus and the prevention of it has been talked about for much of this month as everyone preps to go back to in-person school. From the beginning of the pandemic we felt a sense of the history of this moment and how it was being experienced and documented.

Well, today's 31 Pages in 31 Days inspiration page might be one you want to make for your own family album, to look back on this time and remember the little (and big) annoyances and how we coped. Maybe take a picture of each family member in their favorite mask, or doing their favorite #saferathome activity–or learning a new one!

31 Stampin Up pages days scrapbook layouts challenges coronavirus themed quarantine mask

I used funny sentiments from Stampin' Up's printable download fundraiser for Covid Relief along with a sickly green color scheme to make this photo-heavy layout.

I love this layout (we'll be learning this technique in Scrapbooking Summer School 2020!) because you can fill as many of the photo mats as you want, leaving the others (or none) blank. That, and I reeeeeally like clean, symmetrical grids where they eye knows exactly where to go.

31 Stampin Up pages days scrapbook layouts challenges coronavirus quarantine mask

Just for fun I wanted to share a photo of me from my resumed in-person stamp club. We have all kinds of precautions in place, including homemade shields so people aren't breathing directly at each other. If you're interested in making your own, mine are poster frames from Walmart, 20×28 inches, with the cardboard back removed. There is a sturdy clear plastic panel glued into the frame.

Our friend Rob made the stands for me from scrap wood, and they slide off the ends for easy transport. They cost about $15 a piece, vastly lower than the $80 ones I found online. Easy and effective!


There's a taste of #quarantinelife from your favorite Stampin' Up lady! I take your health seriously and I want you all to stay safe so we can get together again and have giant day-long parties, conventions, conferences and retreats!

See you tomorrow for day 27 of this blog series! Wow, we're really close to the end! Are my cardmakers-only ready for the return of regular programming? I bet : ) 

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