31 Pages in 31 Days: Descending Photo Mat technique

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Hello everyone! Today's inspiration is a fun technique called Descending Photos. It's so easy to do and really makes that one special photo POP off the page. I used the gorgeous patterned paper from See a Silhouette for my background and drew my color inspiration from that.

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Start with a basic grid layout, 4×4 or 6×6 in rows, with mats all the same size. Cut two extra mats for the bottom-most right corner photo and layer them off-set, descending down and to the right. Use Stampin' Dimensionals to get really great layering that's still nice and sleek for sliding into page protectors.

PRO TIP: If you're using different colors for your mat, put the darkest color as the base and go gradually lighter as you continue. Dark colors are "heavy" and stand out disproportionately from lighter colors which have less visual "weight."

Consider any group photo–you'd naturally put the taller people in the back instead of in front of us shorties, right? Same thing on your scrapbook pages and cards! If you can't get a page to "work," check to see if a "heavy" color has been given too much priority.

Isn't this fun??? I just love sharing tips and hints my background in graphic design and layout. If you're on a personal quest to become a better designer, stick around! The scrapbook galleries here at Song of My Heart are FULL of design hints that will up your skills. Challenge yourself to create one of the projects today!

See you tomorrow for Day 25!

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