31 Pages in 31 Days Day Thirty-one! 2022 We made it!

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Hooray!!! I did it! Another 31 Pages in 31 Days is in the books. Literally!  Thanks for joining me on this journey of immersion scrapbooking every year during the month of August. If you are just coming in on the tail end, (welcome!) I encourage you to scroll back through the last 30 or so posts and enjoy pinning ideas you might be able to use later!


My final inspiration page for this year's series is a cute layout celebrating the fun and friendships of book club. I love the old-fashioned feel that the distressed gold paper on the die-cut photo corners gives the whole spread. It makes the patterned paper (from Rings of Love) feel like wallpaper or the beautiful patterns they used to put inside of book covers.

The theme is further played up by the use of a long tag that resembles a book mark… and the small Just Jade mat on the left page is waiting for a printed list of the books you read in club this year!


Now, are you ready for the final page count???? Drumroll please….

I got sixty-two pages done in August!!! That's crazypants! That's like triple what I manage to get done the rest of the year combined. Folks, that is why immersion scrapbooking works! Set yourself a month–a whole month–and just go to it. Leave the mess out, spread out, work on it every chance you get with NO GUILT (this is important!), and then when the month is done pat yourself on the back, put it all away, and return to normal life.

I encourage you to try it… it might be the answer for you like it has been for me. We've gotta find a way to make room for the beautiful things we enjoy doing for our families and for our own mental health and creativity.

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