31 Pages in 31 Days Day Fourteen! 2022

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Ahhh, I am so pleased with the giant stack of pages already completed this month! Is yours growing, too? If you're playing along with my annual blog series, 31 Pages in 31 Days, I bet that stack is already tall enough to fall over!

I love immersion scrapbooking–no guilt, just a glorious mess for four weeks every August, and then I promise to clean up and get on with life. : ) You should try it!

Today's inspiration layout is to showcase the (terrible) photos from fun we had during Riverfest, a giant party Watertown throws itself to celebrate the winding Rock River and our stunning, sprawling Riverside Park. It's a blast, though very noisy, and my favorite part is the fireworks. Oooh and the funnel cakes. And the craft fair!


I could not get my little alphabet dies to stay in line and I was too lazy to get some washi tape and make them behave, so I just let the wavy headline happen, and it's cute! Sometimes you just have to go with it.

I wish the sparkle showed up better in these pictures. I used the Parakeet Party (lime) and Sweet Sorbet (light red) glimmer paper for the headline and stars, plus Parakeet Party glimmer ribbon, unravelled to make a bigger impact. It's so pretty!

The firework paper is from the Celebrate Everything hostess exclusive 12×12 paper stack, which you can get starting with just a $150 party or personal order. With 48 sheets there is literally something for EVERY holiday in the year!

All right! That's it for Day Fourteen of #31pagesin31days. Tomorrow is Day 15 and the halfway point already! See you then!

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