31 Pages in 31 Days: dad’s workshop

SSS 2020-001

Hello my lovelies! it's great to see you back again for more page layout inspiration! We are almost done with our month-long blog series 31 Pages in 31 Days, so catch up on the days you missed and come back for the final days and one last giveaway!

I am getting so excited to see my final page count! I think I might break my own record!!!

31 days album pages layout scrapbooking Stampin Up papers 12x12 dad woodshop workshop

Today's page might be the most unusual one I have ever made! I just love the wood grain patterns in the new In Good Taste paper stack. I just can't get enough! I had just three partial sheets left from my first pack, so I cut them into squares, and then some again into triangles. Everything got reassembled into a cool pattern for the left hand page, and I used the darkest of the wood colors to cut the words. Fun!

31 days album pages layout scrapbooking Stampin Up papers 12x12 woodshop workshop

Couple tips for you if you attempt this page: first, use a background piece of 12×12 to assemble your pattern that matches the lighter tones in your papers. That way if your cutting isn't completely perfect, the color that shows through will be unobtrusive. Ask me how I know!

Second, don't overfill this layout with photos. Just a couple of really good ones on the right and maybe 2-3 square ones on the left. This is a busy page, and if the viewer cannot see enough of the pattern to make sense of it, it will really jar the eye.

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  1. Love these pages. My math skills are atrocious; would be beyond grateful if you would include measurements. Thank you for sharing all of your projects.


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