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Welcome back to 31 Pages in 31 Days, my annual blog series for scrapbookers! Every year in August I turn my papercrafty skills to scrapbooking at least a page a day using my cardmaking supplies. I have literally hundreds of pages in the Scrapbooking categories on my blog–check them out!

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Today's inspiration layout was inspired by Cookie Monster! Who do you love even MORE than cookies???

31 pages days Stampin Up scrapbooking with stamps cookie monster nothings better than

This is a super easy layout I use quite a bit, both vertically and horizontally. The blue background (Pacific Point) is one full sheet of 8.5 x 11 for each page. The kraft strips stamped with cookies (Crumb Cake) are 2.5 x 11 inches. Put together on a 12×12 sheet, those two pieces leave a nice half-inch border all around. Then all you have to do is add some mats and a headline along with a sprinkle of embellishments.

31 pages days Stampin Up scrapbooking with stamps cookie monster nothing better than

I think the Nothing's Better Than (Cookies) bundle is one of the cutest stamp sets ever for both cardmakers and scrapbookers. I am enjoying it so much! And having the interchangeable words "chocolate" and "coffee" just make it even more versatile for whatever theme you need your page to be. You will probably be seeing this bundle used at least once more during this month's blog series!

Ready to recreate this look at home? Here's what you'll need:

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It always amazes me that I started 31 Pages in 31 Days years ago in the month of August, because there never seemed to be too much going on. It was a great time to take on a 31-day commitment. Fast forward seven years and oh my! Life has changed a bit.

But hey, so far so good, right? It's Day 11 and we haven't missed one yet. Are you taking the challenge with me? Have you missed a day yet? That's ok! We're still going to be further ahead in our books than we would be if we were still sitting on the couch on our phones moaning about how we never have time to scrapbook, right?! Right!

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