31 Pages in 31 Days: bad influence

SSS 2020-001

Hello my fellow scrapbooking enthusiasts!! Welcome to a happy place! August 2020 is a month-long blog series here at Song of My Heart, all about scrapping at least one page every day. I hope it inspires you to take the #31pagesin31days challenge and commit to taking the time to do what you love–scrap!

Today's inspiration layout is a single page about friendship. I love the colors on this page!

31 days pages Lyssa bad influence friend layout scrapbooking album quilt

It doesn't show up in the photos, but the Highland Heather purple on this page is the new velvet paper and it's sooo lush and lovely. It just adds a subtle texture and scrumptiousness to the layout.

31 days pages Lyssa bad influence friends layout scrapbooking album quilt

For the headline on this page, I used a technique from stamping that is a fun way to shake up a longer sentiment and make it take up more space. You stamp it on scratch paper and then cut it into individual words or phrases, reassembling it kind of like a ransom note. It really draws the eye and is the perfect technique to showcase that funny stamp you have.

Ready to recreate this look at home? Here's what I used:

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