31 Pages in 31 Days: Alphabet Background page

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Hello, all! Welcome back to 31 Pages in 31 Days, our annual scrapbooking challenge here at Song of My Heart. I have been enjoying myself immensely this month with some immersion scrapbooking (read about the concept here) and posting a page or spread every day for the last 27 days!

Day 28's inspiration page is a back-to-school layout perfect for that special "first day" photo.

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I really like the Lined Alphabet stamps and use them all the time. I decided to make some background papers with it for a page, and it morphed into a single background with the entire alphabet in cute uneven rows with some splotches and splatters.

PRO TIP: all that stamping looks like it took forever, but it was only a few minutes' work. My secret is to put the dirty stamps back inside the case, facing up. Then when they're all back in, place your damp Stampin' Shammy over them and close the case and squeeze it good. Voila! All 26 stamps cleaned at the same time. This trick works on any stamp set. Love that shammy!

That's it from me today! Thanks so much for taking a minute to make Song of My Heart a part of your day.

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2 thoughts on “31 Pages in 31 Days: Alphabet Background page”

  1. Lyssa, I love all the sprinkles of a little of this and little of that! I love that letter background for a back-to-school page. I just took first day of school photos this past Monday, so there will be a page to scrap soon!


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