Welcome to Embellish!

If you’re into creating pretty things from paper and scraps, you’re in good company! My name is Lyssa and I specialize in color-coordinated cardmaking and scrapbooking, with fun forays into DIY home decor and party planning! I can appreciate all art styles, but I like to make things that LOOK fancy but are quite easy. I have a background in graphic design principles and teaching cardmakers and scrappers how to balance color and layout can improve their finished projects right away.

The very first papercrafting project I did was a scrapbook page! My style is all about COLOR and texture. I lean towards symmetrical layouts that contain LOTS of pictures, because I’m too practical to waste a lot of space on single-photo layouts. Embellish is the home of both Scrapbooking Summer School and 31 Pages in 31 Days Challenge. They’ve been going over a decade now! Scrapbooking is alive and flourishing at Embellish.

I’m a busy mom and wife, active in our church, caring for my parents and running my own business. I don’t have a lot of time to mess around! So when I sit down to craft, I don’t want to spend my time searching for ideas… and then looking for color combos… and then trying to figure out measurements. I created My Layout Library, an amazing site with over a thousand dollars’ worth of resources and templates for cardmakers and scrapbookers. Who’s up for some Cheat Sheets? I am!

I’m always amazed at the power of a simple card to make someone’s day. It may be just paper and ink, but it contains so much encouragement and gratitude inside! Crafting brings people together, and harnessing that creativity makes a difference in our communities. My team specializes in providing cards for Honor Flight. Our goal is for every single veteran who gets to go to Washington, D.C. for a day of honor receives one of our handmade, handwritten cards during Mail Call. It means so much!